The Original Ghost Tour - Virginia's Oldest Ghost Tour

2nd Oldest Ghost Tour in the United States!

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Most popular candlelight walking ghost tour in Williamsburg, VA.

The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg

“The Original and Best Ghost Tour in Williamsburg”

Performed in a true story telling format, this 90 min walking tour is great fun for all ages and has something for your entire family to enjoy. Stroll the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and discover hidden secrets about strange and “otherworldly” experiences. Ticket purchase required before meeting the tour.

$18.00 per person – 8pm-meets in front of The Lululemon Store in Merchants Square-additional tour times during summer. Tours rain or shine. No refunds

Had fate not intervened, it’s likely few people would’ve even heard of the sleepy little town called Yorktown. However destiny stepped in and forever etched Yorktown as a prominent place in American history, as it was here that the final Siege of Yorktown was fought, effectively putting an end to the American Revolution.Now more than 230 years after the battle, locals still hear the echo of musket shots in the night, cannons fire with such force that they shake their houses and spectral soldiers can be seen walking across the battlefields. It appears that the town’s inhabitants do not rest easy. Ticket purchase required before meeting the tour.

$18.00 per person – 8PM-meets at 209 Church Street gravel parking lot. Tours rain or shine. No refunds or exchanges.

The Haunted River Cruise of Jamestown Island

The Historic Triangle is considered to be one of the most haunted areas in the United States, and it all starts with the English Settlement at Jamestown in 1607. Come hear the many stories of strange occurrences and spirits that still haunt America’s oldest permanent English settlement!

$29.00 per person- tour times vary! Check tour times carefully. No child prices. 2 and under are free. Free children must be able to sit on lap comfortably.

Extreme Ghost Tour

Under the cover of darkness, one of America’s oldest cities calls out to you. The residents of its’ colorfulpast whisper their darkest secrets from the other side. You’re left with a lot of questions, but not enough answers. The door is opened and you’re invited to come in. Join us on an official outdoor ghost hunting tour of Colonial Williamsburg! Over the course of 3 hours, our experienced tour guides will take you to some of the most notoriously haunted places in the city. You will learn of the history and hauntings of each site then you will be given the chance to conduct an actual paranormal investigation. Will you help us solve some ghostly mysteries of our own? With the help of our guides you will have the opportunity to learn about and use real devices used by paranormal investigators such as a Psb7 spiritbox, dowsing rods, REM pods, EMF meters and more. You will get to learn about real techniques and methods used on paranormal investigations and apply them to your own. For example the Estes Method, ever tried it? You put on a noise canceling headset while blindfolded. You plug your headset directly into a spirit box and before you know it, you’re the ultimate conduit for the spirits. Someone else will stand nearby and ask questions as they are unable to hear what’s being said. Your job as the conduit is to focus on the box as it scans through radio frequencies and find the answers from the spirits as they make contact. Think you can handle doing that in front of the most haunted house in Williamsburg? There’s only one way to find out. While equipment will be provided on the tour to use, we always encourage guests to bring their own along. Even if you do not have equipment, a simple cell phone will do the trick. Many guests capture photographs on their phones of orbs, shadow figures, faces in windows and even full on apparitions while doing flash photography. Believe it or not, your voice memo function on your phone serves as a decent audio recorder for catching EVP’s during an EVP session. See you there. Ticket purchased required before meeting the tour.

$25.00 per person – 8PM -meets at the Capitol. Tours rain or shine. No refunds or exchanges.

Performed in a true storytelling format, this tour gives you a glimpse of what lies beyond the shadows of one of America’s oldest cities.  Journey with us as we take you on a two hour candle-lit stroll of Williamsburg after dark. Our seasoned shadow guides will navigate you throughout the shadows of some of the most haunted sites in the city. Once there you will be regaled with stories of haunting history and strange encounters with ghosts that still linger there. Williamsburg is steeped in history, that’s a fact. It’s seen shades of the American Revolution, The Civil War, World War I and even World War II. Those stories are still out there lying dormant in the darkness. They’re simply waiting for you to come and hear them. Take a candle-lit stroll with us as we present haunting stories not only of history, but true encounters with the ghosts of Williamsburg that history chose to forget. Ghost hunting equipment will be demonstrated during the tour to give your family and friends an extra spooky experience! Ticket purchase required before meeting the tour. Our guides will demonstrate three separate pieces of ghost hunting equipment while on this tour. You will get to see a Psb7 spirit box in action, EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) meters and dowsing rods. Use of these devices will be permitted on the tour if you should wish to use them. Our guides are trained on how to use each piece and will explain it to you beforehand. This is NOT a ghost hunt though. (If you are interested in ghost hunting, please check out our Extreme Ghost Tour).

$20.00 per person – 9:15pm-meets at The Bruton Parish Church. Park in Merchants Square and walk to the church. No refunds or exchanges. Tours rain or shine. (8:15pm tour times seasonal)

The Williamsburg Christmas Spirits Candlelight Walking Tour

$18.00 per person – BEGINS NOVEMBER 24TH


The Yorktown Christmas Spirits Candlelight Walking Tour

$18.00 per person – BEGINS NOVEMBER 24TH


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