The Williamsburg Winery Spirits Of Christmas: A Journey Through the Ages

Embark with us on a 2 hour Christmas Ghost tour at The Williamsburg Winery where the themes of past, present, and future offer a unique blend of historical intrigue and festive spirit. As participants meander through the winery's historical property they are enveloped in the rich tapestry of colonial history, where tales of Christmases long gone come to life. The blending of ghostly tales and the traditions of colonial celebrations creates a captivating atmosphere, allowing guest to connect with the essence of Christmas across different eras. The tour not only delves into the winery's past of lingering spirits, but also bridges the gap to the present, infusing a sense of wonder and magic into the holiday festivities. Join us for a spirited blend of history, holiday cheer, and spine-tingling encounters in this unique Christmas through the ages-themed tour. Guest will reflect on the timeless themes of Christmas and the enduring spirits long after their glasses are dry!

$50.00 per person

2 Drinks

Every Wednesday in December

Don’t be fooled by imitators!

We are The Ghost Tour! All tickets available online only.