My Spirited Valentine Candlelight Walking Ghost Tour
Experience firsthand the chilling tales of lingering spirits from the colonial era. Discover the tragic love stories, unrequited passions, and doomed romances that have left their spectral mark on Colonial Williamsburg.
Explore haunted landmarks such as the Peyton Randolph House, Governor's Palace, Wythe House and Gaol, where love, betrayal, and tragedy have given birth to mysterious hauntings that continue to haunt visitors to this day.
This is not your typical ghost tour. Join The Ghost Tour as one of our professional tour guides, who’s a seasoned paranormal investigator, as they lead you on a 2 hour outdoor ghost hunting expedition of Colonial Williamsburg. You will get to work hands-on with real paranormal investigation equipment such as the PSB7 Spirit Box, EMF Meters, Dowsing Rods, Rem Pods, etc. All the while you’ll learn about different techniques and experiments(such as the Estes Method) that are actively used in the field to gather evidence.
As twilight descends, you will find yourself amidst the cobblestone streets, with flickering lanterns illuminating your path. Led by our expert paranormal ghost guide, knowledgeable in the town's dark history, you will embark on a captivating adventure to uncover the ghostly secrets that have long been whispered throughout these historic streets.
As you delve deeper into the heart of the tour, be prepared for paranormal encounters and spine-tingling moments. Ghostly apparitions may reveal themselves in unexpected ways, sending shivers down your spine and igniting a sense of wonder and fear.
This Haunted Valentine's Ghost Tour in Colonial Williamsburg is an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers, history enthusiasts, and those seeking a unique and spine-chilling Valentine's Day adventure. Join us if you dare, and let the spirits of love, longing, and lost souls captivate your imagination and stir your soul on this hauntingly delightful journey.
  • Valentines Day Feb 14th 
  • $20 per person

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