The Yorktown Hallowed Ground Candlelight Walking Tour

Had fate not intervened, it's likely few people would've even heard of the sleepy little town called Yorktown. However destiny stepped in and forever etched Yorktown as a prominent place in American history, as it was here that the final Siege of Yorktown was fought, effectively putting an end to the American Revolution.

Now more than 230 years after the battle, locals still hear the echo of musket shots in the night, cannons fire with such force that they shake their houses and spectral soldiers can be seen walking across the battlefields. It appears that the town's inhabitants do not rest easy. Join The Ghost Tour and take a stroll with us through the dark, hallowed streets of historic Yorktown on this 90 minute candlelit walking tour. Walk with us as you listen to the eerie tales and legends of long dead residents and soldiers that still haunt this town. Our expert storytellers will guide you down some of America's oldest streets, passed original buildings, down along the beautiful York River Waterfront and of course to the battlefields. Be sure to bring your camera! It is believed that paranormal entities often produce light phenomena in photographs.

Thousands of our guests each year get pictures of light orbs and sometimes even shapes and images that resemble human like figures. Whether you're looking for a fun filled evening of storytelling or hoping to communicate with a lost soul, we are certain you will have an experience of a lifetime on the Yorktown Hallowed Ground Tour. See you on the street!

  • $20.00 per person - 8PM
  • Meets at 301 Main Street.
  • Tours rain or shine. No refunds or exchanges.

Don’t be fooled by imitators!

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