The Ghosts of the Williamsburg Winery

Join us on "The Ghosts of The Williamsburg Winery" tour for a hauntingly unforgettable evening filled with spirits of both the alcoholic and supernatural kind. Located in the picturesque setting of Williamsburg, Virginia, this 2-hour tour offers you a unique blend of history and paranormal activity.

As dusk falls upon the winery, you will delve into the dark and mysterious tales that still haunt these grounds. Discover the secrets of the past as your guide leads you through these haunted estate grounds. Immerse yourself in eerie tales of spirits and supernatural occurrences that linger among the vines and cellars still today.

Don’t miss this unique experience that’s sure to delight and haunt you in equal measure.

Two wine drinks are included with the option to purchase additional drinks. Feel free to enhance your experience by purchasing additional wines to enjoy throughout the evening.

Don’t be fooled by imitators!

We are The Ghost Tour! All tickets available online only.